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About Us

We are proud to provide the best service to our clients, and to be a force of change in our community

Hugh Muhammad
Chief Executive Officer
Operating in Southeast San Diego for over a decade, RBW Security has trained hundreds of guards, from all walks of life, to protect and secure all sites and personnel from possible threats.
We provide a diverse array of security services that include protecting residential gated communities, medical centers, retail shopping centers, schools, and construction sites, while also providing dignitary protection/transportation services throughout California

Providing A Safe Place To Learn

Our guards will surveil the schoolgrounds, monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, and deter conflict, in order to ensure a safe learning environment

School & Campus Security

Protecting Future Developments

Whether in the early stages of development, or preparing for the Grand Opening, RBW Security can provide round the clock protection for any site

Construction Site Security

Dynamic Services

Our guards are trained to secure, and protect, any and all assets, individuals, and properties

Specialized Security

Why Choose Us

Punctual & Full Service Security

Day or Night, Rain or Shine, our guards will be onsite ready to protect and secure all assets

Competitive Quotes

No matter the ocassion, we ensure the most competitive quotes for all secuirty endeavours

Excellent Communication

Our expert staff is available to provide consistent updates on all security needs, and onsite evaluations


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